Rik #44 on Gibson.com’s Top 50 Acoustic Guitarists of All Time!

Oct 26, 2010 | news

Electric guitarists get all the glory – stacks of amplifiers, arenas full of fans, that big, big sound sending shockwaves through adoring crowds. Meanwhile, the acoustic players of the world are the sensitive souls, playing delicately and carefully in their unamplified corners of music history. The best acoustic guitarists have quietly made innovative sounds and amazing tunes that have altered how people think about the guitar.

Well, Gibson.com thought it was high time that the most legendary of acoustic players finally got their due. In tribute to these masters of the guitar, Gibson.com is counting down the Top 50 Acoustic Guitarists of All Time – as voted on by Gibson’s editorial team, writing staff and, most importantly, the readers. Today, they revealed #50-#41 on the list.

Yours truly made the list at #44!