From the very start of the show, it was apparent that the evening was going to be a two-way conversation bonding the two with the crowd through the music.  Emmett loved carrying on conversations with the audience, getting everybody involved in the dialogue, which included a lot of laughter.  Each song had a history, each song had a story, each song was written and performed with composition and purpose. This was the type of band that Triumph was, and this is the legacy that Emmett is carrying on by continuing to share the music with his partner.

“Libre Animado” was an instrumental that featured Dunlop doing some serious shredding.  Emmett mentioned that just seeing and listening to Dunlop’s chops on this song was worth the price of admission itself, and he was spot on.  The song was filled with influence from both players, including some classical, jazz, and rock licks and chord progressions that melted the minds of the listeners.  Emmett has always been known within the musician’s world of guitarists for having a very well-trained style of playing spanning many different styles.

Read the rest of this great review online at National Rock Review.

Eleven years ago, our friend Todd Gannon passed away from a rare blood disease and esophageal cancer. Todd fought every day since he was diagnosed at the age of 12 to live his life his way. He was not expected to live past the age of 25, he made it to 36 keeping his pride and his sense of humor till the very end. The Tomorrows Children’s Fund was with him every step of the way. Todd was a great friend to many, and we miss him every day.

For the last 9 years Todd’s friends have been keeping his memory alive by doing a fundraiser for the Tomorrows Children’s Fund  called Todd’s Night Out. So far with your help, we have raised $171,000!!!!!

Todd was a major Rik Emmett and Triumph fan. Having Rik and Dave play this very emotional, special event means the world to Todd’s family and friends.

This year will be our last Todd’s Night Out. I hope Todd would be happy that we kept his memory alive and raised a lot of money for the Tomorrows Children’s Fund in his name….but I’m sure he’d be happy that we are ending it …he loved attention, but not for his illness. Each year has gotten better and better, we would rather end it on a high note rather than let it slip and fade away. Thank you so much for all of your support through the years.



The Tomorrows Children’s Fund was founded by a group of committed parents to help their children and other like them with cancer and serious blood disorders. With the help of friends like you, today, TCF provides a warm, healthy and loving environment for children in treatment; a full scope of services to relieve families’ emotional and financial stress; the very best possible medical care; and funding for research on these diseases. All of which confirms our belief that through hope, hard work and heartfelt generosity, extraordinary things are possible.

Tickets $65.00 per person.

Includes buffet dinner, beer, wine and soda.

For tickets and info call 973-978-2984 or email [email protected]

To order tickets by mail, please send a tax deductible check or money order made out to Tomorrows Children’s fund and send it to:

Cameron Mildner
1135 Ringwood Avenue
Pompton Lakes, New Jersey 07442