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  • Updated: May 27, 2019

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REDPLATE studio combo tube amp

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Really digging the Rotaries in my Godin Supreme (Monty, with the suspension tailpiece). Just for the record – I’ve also gone up one level of string gauges on the trebles, from the D’Addario NYXL1052’s to the 1152’s – with a 1st of .011, 2nd of .014, and 3rd of .018: tending to play more of a fingerstyle electric style on them, as opposed to full-out rockin’.

To my ear, the Rotaries are smoother and more velvety than the Hum IV’s and Black Earth’s in my Les Pauls, while also being warmer & fatter than the Split Single and Hum III in my stop-tailpiece Supreme – closer to a PAF world than a single-coil Telly vibe. As with all MJS offerings, they feature ‘articulation’, but with the Rotary, I’d describe it as more of a P-90 authority (punch with no hum!). All the Brrrrrrritish sustainnnnnnnn one might hope for, ideal in my airy, transparent archtop: giving the guitar loads of output with a distinct, unique, articulate voice. I predict all kinds of orders for these pickups. MJS has done it again.

Stage Gear

  • Updated: Nov. 21, 2018

3 GIBSON Les Paul “Classic” 60′s reissue, chambered, with custom MJS handwound pickups.  – a black LP (Rik’s favourite, nicknamed “Johnnie”, as in Johnnie Walker Black), and a totally refinished flametop named “Amber”, plus one in a honeyburst finish, with a Bigsby, called “Goldie”:
1 Godin Supreme, in a vintage sunburst, modded with MJS pickups, nicknamed “Soupy”:  and a 2nd Supreme in tobacco burst, named ‘Monty”.

Custom pickups added in 2015:
Both the Les Paul neck pickups are:  MJS Black Earth @ 8.4K ohms output, with Neodymium magnet
Both the Les Paul bridge pickups are: MJS Hum IV @ 13.4K ohms output, with Ceramic magnet
Soupy’s neck pickup is an MJS Split Single @ 9.2K ohms output, with Alnico 2 magnets
The bridge pickup is an MJS Custom Hum III @ 10.8K ohms output,  Alnico 2 bar magnet with alternating Alnico 2 polepieces and steel slugs

MAIN ACOUSTIC-ELECTRIC FOR LIVE PERFORMANCES:  Godin A6 Ultra, in cognacburst. (“Connie”)

D’Addario strings on all. On electrics, EXL 140 –  .010 to .052:  on the Godin acoustic-electric, EJ21 [jazz light, .012 to .052].


1 Gibson Custom Shop CS-356, cherry flame GIBSON (nicknamed “Ruby”:  outfitted with hotter MJS pickups, under gold pickup covers).
1 Gibson CS  6 / 12 doubleneck, in arctic white.
– a collection of GODIN acoustic-electrics:  2 nylon string models, including the Grand Concert:   an A12 12 string, and 3 different 5th Avenue archtops:  a blonde one with a floating neck pickup; a tobacco burst with a full-size humbucker on the top; and a red one with two humbuckers and a Bigsby.
In the main studio racks are Rik’s favoured studio acoustics: a Martin OMCPA 1 [stock]  and a Yamaha LSX-36C modded with a Fishman Matrix II.

There’s also a non-cutaway Yamaha L-36, and 1981 L-55 6 and 12 dreadnought acoustics, a Hawaiian ukelele, a Baby Sitar guitar, a Pacifica USA-1 electric [custom shop, with Seymour Duncans], a 1979 Laskin handmade classical, a Yamaha cutaway nylon string with electronics and a spruce top, a Fender Jeff Beck Strat [stock, with a white finish, rosewood board], a customized Esquire Japanese reissue in tobacco burst with Barden pickups (rosewood board), and a 2016 American Fender Telecaster in a trans white finish, with MJS pickups (named “Annabella”).

Pedalboard: electric gigs:   VOX Tonelab SE.  Acoustic Godin A6 – Zoom G3.

AMPS:  custom handwired RedPlate Magica 1×12 combo.   Roland Cube 60, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III, Yamaha THR10, Vox AC15.]   For rock sounds, Rik leans towards classic Marshall Plexi and Vox Top Boost amp modeling.

This and that…

  • Updated: Nov. 21, 2018

Rik uses a regular size heavy celluloid pick, and also has acrylic nails on his right hand.

In 2007, DEAN reissued a limited edition Rik Emmett model Flying V from the Triumph Allied Forces era.
Rik also has an Alcivar dobro, a Yamaha SLG ‘silent’ guitar, as well as a wide range of archtop electrics from Yamaha, including a custom blonde AES-2000 from 1985, a custom shop bluefinish AES-1500, and a Kiyoshi Minakuchi Yamaha Tokyo Custom Shop AEX-1500, a personal favourite, nicknamed “Jackie”.
In his collection, Rik also has a National Lap Steel from the 50’s, a Fender Jazz bass, a Yamaha Nathan East 5 string bass, and many other collectible instruments, including the first acoustic and electric guitars he ever owned, as well as the first Yairi classical he ever bought.

Rik’s luthier / repairman is Mike ‘Smitty’ Smith