Accolades for Rik for “Then Again” and Recent Shows

Jan 9, 2013 | news

An Intimate Night with Rik Emmett

As a former rocker, Emmett thrives in the freedom away from bombastic pyro and overbearing lights. He is, foremost a singer/songwriter/ performer and even the Triumph songs take on a new light when stripped down to their basic form.

And Now For Something Completely Different – Not Really!

The former Triumph guitarist utilized a series of local concerts which culminated with a performance December 15th at the intimate Hugh’s Room in Toronto to launch two new Cd releases. The first an acoustic selection of Triumph hits titled “Then Again…” and the second an ambitious concept piece titled “Marco’s Secret Songbook”

Rik Emmett – Then Again

The future of Triumph as an on-going entity may be in doubt but that hasn’t stopped guitarist Rik Emmett from paying homage to his band’s illustrious past by joining forces with Dave Dunlop to record a set of acoustic versions of his previous hits.