An Acoustic Night of Triumph in Keswick, ON on Sat, May 26 2012

Apr 4, 2012 | news, shows

An Acoustic Night of Triumph with Rik Emmett
An Acoustic Night of Triumph
with Rik Emmett

Vocalist, guitarist, and founding member of the Canadian rock band Triumph, Rik Emmett is best known as a premier rock guitarist.

His playing style incorporates rock, blues, jazz, classical, bluegrass and flamenco techniques. Similarly, his songwriting and discography demonstrate his ability to employ and blend multiple genres.

About Stephen Leacock Theatre

The Theatre was named after one of the English-speaking world’s best known humorists, Stephen Leacock (1869-1944), whose amusing home-spun stories about small-town Ontario endeared him to readers throughout the world. His gravesite is located at St. George’s Anglican Church on Hedge Road in Sutton.

The campaign to build the Stephen Leacock Theatre was spearheaded by the late Whipper Billy Watson, who was also a life-long resident of Georgina. This beautiful building, located at 130 Gwendolyn Drive in Keswick, houses both the Theatre and Club 55 for seniors.

The Town of Georgina’s Department of Recreation, Parks and Culture also produces shows and events at the Theatre. If you are not familiar with our Theatre, you will be pleasantly surprised with our excellent seating arrangement and rich acoustics. Entertainers and the audience alike are delighted with the up-close and personal ambience of the Stephen Leacock Theatre, which is committed to providing quality entertainment at affordable prices.