Border City Rock Talk – Reinvention

Oct 17, 2021 | news

I got to chat with Rik about his new book of poems titled Rik Emmett Reinvention Poems. We hash over the topics that are very diverse. Rik even reads one called the Tail Wags the Dog which is about the commercial and soulless society we live in.
Other topics include the Maples Leaf’s, His Fathers passing, and there is even a mention of the late Hip singer Gordie Downie in one of the writings.. The upcoming release of the Triumph documentary Lay It on the Line is also spoken to and Rik let’s us know the reason for the multiple delays and why. He also gives a rough time frame of when he figures it will come out. Joel Hoekstra, Dead Poet Society, Soo Greyhounds, and one of his former students named Nathan get an honorable mention. The interview was great and actually was more of a conversation than anything. The ever so giving Rik, even took me up on my request……and he picked up one of the hundred guitars behind him and played a song for me and you. This was not rehearsed and even though spur of the moment……Rik obliged. Watch the vid in it’s entirety to see and hear it. Thanks again Rik for being a gent and a sport………………the rest of you …please hit that Subscribe button..
Gog Bless

–Ernest Skinner