Good Faith (2003)

Track Listing

  1. Unconditional Love
  2. Butterfly Lullaby
  3. Only A Fool
  4. Wicked Miss
  5. Beacon Street Hotel
  6. Way Back Home
  7. Moment Of Truth
  8. Break Away
  9. Ask
  10. Spare Change
  11. True Hearts


GOOD FAITH signals another major evolutionary step in Rik Emmett’s career, as the mature songwriting and exquisite stylistic crafting of the material marries to the world-class musicianship and pristine production. The material is a showcase of eclectic versatility and diversity, all the more remarkable for its sense of balance and artistically consistent personal style.

Listeners of Good Faith can rediscover the singer/songwriter dimension of Rik Emmett’s gift. The songs celebrate a spirit of independence, freedom from expectations, preconceptions, and the demographic slicing of the mainstream commercial marketplace. They do so with joy, ease and simplicity, by capturing some damn good singing & playing in some damn good songs.