Ipso Facto (1992)

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Rik Emmett ~ Ipso Facto (album art)
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Track Listing

  1. Straight Up [wp_eStore:product_id:152:end]
  2. Bang On [wp_eStore:product_id:129:end]
  3. Let Love Conquer All [wp_eStore:product_id:153:end]
  4. Heaven In Your Heart [wp_eStore:product_id:154:end]
  5. Dig A Little Deeper [wp_eStore:product_id:130:end]
  6. Lickity Bit [wp_eStore:product_id:156:end]
  7. Rainbow Man [wp_eStore:product_id:157:end]
  8. Out Of The Blue [wp_eStore:product_id:158:end]
  9. Meet You There [wp_eStore:product_id:159:end]
  10. Can’t Lie To Myself [wp_eStore:product_id:160:end]
  11. Do Me Good [wp_eStore:product_id:161:end]
  12. Calling St. Cecilia [wp_eStore:product_id:131:end]
  13. Transition [wp_eStore:product_id:162:end]
  14. Woke Up This Morning (Blues In My Fingers) [wp_eStore:product_id:163:end]


Ipso Facto is Rik’s second solo release. The title of the album, Ipso Facto, means by the fact itself.

In Rik’s own words, “It is a collection of 14 cuts, 12 songs and 2 guitar pieces, all pretty much centered on the theme of the three abiding graces, faith, hope and love, and trying to find my way to them through the spirit of music, songwriting, and the arts and crafts of guitar playing.”