Ten Invitations From The Mistress of Mr. E (1997)

Track Listing

  1. El Cuento Del Gadio
  2. The Castle Of Regret
  3. Angelina’s Smile
  4. Buggy Ride
  5. A Whisper Away
  6. Ascending In St. Anne’s
  7. Secret Wishes
  8. Acadian Dance
  9. Souveniers
  10. The Seventh Circle


This was the CD that launched Rik’s independent record label in 1996 – a collection of nylon string classical fingerstyle pieces.

Youtube has all kinds of videos of all kinds of people trying their hands at Rik’s acoustic pieces from his Triumph days: “Invitations” was the solo album he had always wanted to make, and these newer pieces have now also become a large part of what (arguably) might be Emmett’s strongest musical legacy.