The Best Of Rik Emmett (2002)

Album available at (CD format) or via iTunes.

The Best Of Rik Emmett (album art)

Track Listing

  1. Saved By Love
  2. The Longing
  3. World Of Wonder
  4. Out Of The Blue
  5. Big Lie
  6. Let Me Be The One
  7. Middle Ground (Live)
  8. Bang On
  9. When A Heart Breaks
  10. Lay It On The Line (Live)
  11. Hold On (Live)
  12. Suitcase Blues (Live)


Rik’s acclaimed versatility shines through in the songwriting found in his new “BEST OF RIK EMMETT”, 20th Century Masters Millenium collection release.

With typical Emmett logic, this CD circles his career path back on itself, and ends with three classic tunes from the late ’70’s – brand new, fresh live solo acoustic versions of “Hold On”, Lay It On The Line”, and a hauntingly beautiful version of “Suitcase Blues”.

These refreshed tracks provide ample history of highly accomplished music, yet Mr. E. remains the real deal, even several decades down the road. Along with the “Middle Ground” live solo acoustic track, these recordings from his 2000-2001 tour also offer insight into his solo concert performances nowadays.

The Renaissance Man of the Guitar still delivers, and while he may not have invented the whole intimate & interactive/unplugged type performance, the evidence herein leaves little doubt that he has mastered a version of it.