Hi Res Audio Central Presents Track-by-Track Video of RES9

Mar 4, 2017 | news

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HRAC Exclusive: Guitar Master Rik Emmett Walks Us Through His Band’s Hi-Res Approved ‘RES 9’ Album, Track by Track

I had both the honor and privilege of interviewing Emmett extensively about the making of RES 9 last year for a special project at his request. I also spoke with his compatriots in the RESolution9 band, which is comprised of Rik’s touring quartet — namely, Dave Dunlop on guitar, Steve Skingley on bass and keyboards, and Paul DeLong on drums. Dunlop and Skingley also co-produced RES 9 with Emmett.

Emmett’s ultimate goal for RES 9 is to connect with as many people as possible. “The context of this entire album for me was, ‘Wow, somebody tossed me a lifeline,’” he concludes.