Marco’s Secret Songbook
Marco's Secret Songbook

Track Listing

  1. Come Home
  2. Chapter 1:  How the Songbook Began
  3. Father’s Pocket Watch
  4. Chapter 2:  To France, and Genevieve
  5. Four Square
  6. Chapter 3:  Romance Blossoms
  7. Begin The Dance
  8. Chapter 4:  Gentle Summer
  9. A Walk In The Park
  10. Chapter 5:  Betrayal
  11. Already Gone
  12. Chapter 6:  Black & Blue
  13. No Rest For The Wicked
  14. Chapter 7:   Tounge in Cheek
  15. The Land of Boogie Woogie
  16. Chapter 8:  New Connections
  17. Suspension Bridge
  18. Chapter 9:  Cruising & Dreaming
  19. Fill Your Heart
  20. Chapter 10:  Chasing Memories
  21. Old Sweet Song
  22. Chapter 11:  Surrendering Pride
  23. Little Ditty
  24. Chapter 12:  Faith, Hope, and Love
  25. Hope
  26. Chapter 13:  Returning to France
  27. Chapter 14:  The Circle is Complete
  28. Between The Dreams of You and I
  29. Chapter 15:  Epilogue
  30. Come Home [Reprise]


“A modern-day troubadour goes on a musical odyssey, hoping to find himself and restore his faith in love.”



Fashioned as a ’60’s-turning-into-’70’s ‘concept album’, Marco’s Secret Songbook is a group of songs and guitar pieces built along a storyline. “Marco” functions as a foil for the author’s own stylistic indulgences. The lyrical themes will not surprise anyone who knows something about Emmett’s own personal 40 years in the music business. The story takes Marco from his teenaged roots in a conservative musical Italian family, to France, where he falls in and out of love: to England, where he nearly buries himself as a jobbing musician, bottoms out, then bounces back through a Caribbean cruise ship gig, eventually coming full circle, back to his love, Genevieve, and his family – accompanied by the secret songbook that has chronicled his odyssey.

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