Pavlo, Rik Emmett, Oscar Lopez in Canso, NS on Jul 02 2010

Feb 22, 2010 | shows

It’s not often that the memory of one man can motivate an entire town to come together and build on a dream. But Stan was no ordinary guy – his commanding baritone voice and his incredible legacy as a songwriting craftsman, have been etched within the Canadian and Maritime landscape – and within the memories of legions of fans – old and new.

Stan RogersIn his all-too-brief lifetime, Stan managed to influence a whole generation of performers, while contributing to the emerging popularity of the East Coast Music scene. Stan wasn’t born a Maritimer – yet the Ontario-based songwriter’s family ties – and his love for the people and places of Nova Scotia’s Northeastern Shore, made him a frequent visitor to Canso and Guysborough County. These visits inspired Stan to write songs like The Jeannie C., Guysborough Train and Fogarty’s Cove – and they also earned Stan a place in the local folklore of the town and the region.

Some of the finest songwriters and performers in North America gather at this festival, to celebrate Stan’s lasting contributions to folk music. A new generation of powerful songwriters also come together with Stan’s family members, friends and associates not just to share remembrances – but to create new songs and stories.

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