Rik Emmett in Cobourg, ON on Jun 19 2010

Mar 29, 2010 | shows

Rik Emmett has his fair share of gold and platinum hanging on the wall after surviving three decades in the music biz.

Awards from Best Guitarist at the ‘81 Junos to Best Smooth Jazz Guitarist in 2005, along with induction into the Canadian Rock Hall of Fame in ‘93, the Music Industry Hall of Fame in 2007 and the Junos Hall of Fame in 2008 highlight an ever-evolving career. The multi-dimensional singer/songwriter at the heart of it has nothing to prove except the dignity and maturity of his continuing commitment to great music.


“My career now runs from jazz festivals to soft-seater concerts to giant outdoor rock band shows to orchestra gigs to folk clubs as an acoustic duo,” says Emmett, “and I love the challenging range of it all.”


Audiences marvel at the versatility of the tenor as he continues his prolific run of solo indie CDs, from classical to jazz to acoustic pop & folk vocal stylings through to the hard rock that made his reputation in the first place. His wide catalogue of songs garners radio airplay on easy-listening, smooth jazz, and CBC formats, while the heritage classic rock stuff rolls right along. A dozen years as a writer for Guitar Player Magazine and his continuing endorsement relationships with several music retail companies have kept his international profile & reputation as a musician alive and well. A former VP of the Songwriter’s Association of Canada, and the Artistic Director of the SongStudio Songwriting Workshop, Rik helped to develop the Music Business and Songwriting courses in the Humber Music program, and currently teaches several courses there.