Rik Emmett in Toronto, ON on Jul 16 2011

May 12, 2011 | shows

SongStudio in Toronto • July 16 – 22, 2011

From Saturday July 16 through to Friday July 22, 2011, for the seventh year in a row, enjoy intimate concerts and Q&A sessions with well-known and up-and-coming songwriters, info sessions with music producers, publishers and other industry types, as well as one-on-one access to engaged and passionate faculty members, who also happen to be acclaimed songwriters.

Held on the downtown campus of Toronto’s Ryerson University, this “week-long adventure in songwriting” will be led by music industry veterans Rik Emmett and Blair Packham, along with musicians/songwriters Bill McKetrick and Allister Bradley.

As always, the week will focus on learning how to write your best songs ever. There will be many chances for performing in front of supportive, attentive audiences in a warm, nurturing environment.

SongStudio’s format is designed to help you acquire strategies and tools to help turn your ideas into real, finished songs. Good songs that speak to your audience. If you have something to express through song, we can help. Maybe you only write lyrics. At SongStudio, chances are you’ll meet someone who needs help with their words, or who only writes music. And in the meantime, we can help you make your lyrics communicate more effectively, and help you learn how to write effective, compelling melodies and chord changes.

Something else happens at our workshops. Some might call it networking. We prefer to think of it as making friends, and if the last four years are any indication, many of the friendships made at our past workshops will be for life. This is a beautiful thing. So often, songwriting is a solitary art. When the experience can be shared, a community builds.

At SongStudio you will sing, you will laugh, you will listen, you’ll “talk shop”, but most of all, you will grow as a writer and as an artist.

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