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For the Love of Guitar, a series of four e-books

For the Love of Guitar, a series of four e-books

For the Love of Guitar
4-Book Bundle (284 pages)

Updated and revised digital material, now available in 284 pages of PDF format!

Presented in Rik’s inimitable style, developed over a decade of successful and popular monthly “Back to Basics” Guitar Player magazine contributions.

Featuring insights and enlightenment to all guitarists, beginners and pros alike, from the “basics” platform. Presented in a naturally entertaining and humourous style with lots of “hands-on” bits in every chapter.

What People Are Saying About For the Love of Guitar

“Clever, judicious, pointed, funny, and humble, Rik Emmett’s writing shines among the best of of guitar instructional material.”

“For all his use of seven-syllable words and pedantic rhetoric, Emmett clearly has his tongue placed firmly in his cheek. Just think of Rik Emmett as Mel Bay with a thesaurus.”

“Emmett’s tact and thoughtfulness … is an example all guitarists and teachers should follow.”

–Shawn Persinger, The 50 Greatest Guitar Books, Quixotic Music, 2012.

284 pages split into four books. Purchase individually for $10 each or purchase the complete 4-book bundle for only $29.99! Click on each book for content details.

  1. Book One – The Basics Book
  2. Book Two – The Basic Building Blocks Book
  3. Book Three – The Basic Brainstorming Book
  4. Book Four – The Beyond Basics Book