Listen: Canadian musicians suggest songs that calm, uplift and give comfort

Mar 25, 2020 | news

My wife and I are in our 60s. We find the music that comforts us are the songs that come out of our youth. I would mention something like James Taylor’s 1977 album JT, with Secret O’ Life and others. He was at a point of life when he was very happy with Carly Simon, and he had just signed with Columbia Records. That record has always been a really comforting record for me, and James Taylor is just that kind of guy. Another artist I always return to is guitarist Pat Metheny. A song of his that never fails to make me feel great is Something to Remind You, from his 1995 album We Live Here. Pat is very lyrical in his playing, very emotional. Guitarist Larry Carlton is another guy whose playing always makes me feel comfortable. He played on all those Steely Dan records, like Aja and The Royal Scam. That’s him on Kid Charlemagne. Those records are for hunkering down, cocooning.