Rik sampled on Gotye track

Apr 30, 2012 | news

“A Distinctive Sound” (Rik at 5:25 mark)

Original Star Licks instructional video

Current international sensation Goyte features an obscure sample from an old Star Licks instructional guitar tape featuring yours truly on his song “A Distinctive Sound”.

It’s amusing, clever, & an honour that my energy gets to play a small part in someone else’s process.

Check out Goyte’s track and listen in for Rik around the 5:25 mark…

p.s. If you’re interested in historical perspective, and maybe you think this is something new … ? … You can probably, easily, trace Gotye’s work back to Terry Riley doing tape loop things in a piece entitled ‘In C’ back in 1964. Which inspired Steve Reich, who upped the ante considerably on using tape loops (samples) of human voice to do interesting sound things in a 1965 piece, ‘It’s Gonna Rain’, using the voice of a Pentacostal preacher named Brother Walter. So – that’s a wee bit of perspective on cultural appropriation & adaptation. You go, Gotye!