Book Three – The Basic Brainstorming Book

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Foreword (excerpt from Book Three – The Basic Brainstorming Book)

For the Love of Guitar, a series of four books. By Rik Emmett
For the Love of Guitar
(Book Three)

All four books in this series grew out of the Back to Basics columns that I wrote over the course of twelve years for Guitar Player magazine, so, naturally, they’re all focused on fundamental techniques, theories, and concepts. But right along with all the primary physical techniques, FOR THE LOVE OF GUITAR is basically about imagination, and spirit, and creativity, so many open-ended, infinite kinds of things that it’s virtually impossible to separate the hands from the head and the heart. This book in the series is about MOTIVATION, building some connections, setting up a network in the anatomy: getting you to touch, to feel and to know the beginnings of a little forever in your music.

What do you think about your LOVE OF GUITAR? How do you think about it? C’mon, let’s do a little brainstorming…

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