Book Two – The Basic Building Blocks Book

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Foreword (excerpt from Book Two – The Basic Building Blocks Book)

For the Love of Guitar, a series of four books. By Rik Emmett
For the Love of Guitar
(Book Two)

Welcome to the second book in a series of four. As the title of this installment suggests, the contents here are focused on giving your hands some basic things to work with, and getting you acquainted with some of the musical concepts that might nurture your budding LOVE OF GUITAR.

If you’re anything like me, you usually skip over all of this introductory stuff and cut to the chase.
So we’ll just take a short cut here, and I’ll bring you on-line by reiterating some of the basic philosophy ‘round these parts. The Alpha and the Omega is a simple love of the guitar. This series of books is dedicated to the proposition that everyone is entitled, every now and then, to just sit back and do a little
pickin’ & grinnin’.

Table of Contents